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Established in Austria in 1950, Wolford is a leading SKINWEAR manufacturer of high-quality legwear, lingerie, and body-wear, listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Known for developing exquisite fabrics and top-notch innovations, meeting the highest environmental and sustainability standards in the textile industry.

Diversity Lived by Wolford

Wolford is convinced that diverse teams have greater innovative strength and effectiveness, and thus achieve better results than homogeneous working groups. Thanks to the exchange of differing points of view and arguments, diverse leadership teams also practice more thorough and critical decision-making.

Cultural diversity has a major impact on the business success of an internationally operating company. For example, the closer the cultural proximity of Wolford’s sales personnel is to local customers, the more likely they are to understand customer requirements, and customer satisfaction is also more likely to be higher. The closer product development is to the needs of the predominantly female customer base, the more likely new products will be successful on the marketplace. Last but not least, the culture of equal opportunity that exists at Wolford is an important factor contributing to employee satisfaction. The employer brand also benefits from this culture of equal opportunity.

Therefore, we are proud, that 50 nationalities are represented in the Wolford Group.