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TI SENTO – Milano makes its first foray into China

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TI SENTO – Milano, the European jewellery brand, is making its first foray into China and plans to launch officially in the Chinese market later this year.

“In line with our global ambition, the next step for TI SENTO - Milano is to further expand our international presence. After a year of developing and creating our digital foundation, TI SENTO - Milano now takes the silver origin brand into the Chinese Digital landscape to capture the hearts of Chinese women with content, experiences and products obtained in the ways of the future.” says CEO Arjan van Zuylen.

In a recent report of the South China Morning Post 1 , it is said that “Chinese women like to mix and match and buy a range of styles to accessorise their outfits for different occasions. “ Known for its iconic designs of quality silver jewellery, TI SENTO – Milano is confident that it will enchant Chinese consumers with its unique appeal of accessible luxury and effortless sophistication.

TI SENTO – Milano has partnered with Five Degrees, a Dutch-Chinese boutique consultancy that helps Western companies enter the Chinese market, with a focus on activating online sales and marketing channels for fashion and lifestyle brands. “In Five Degrees we have found a partner to support us end-to-end and to localise and activate our brand in the Chinese market.” Arjan van Zuylen countinues.

“We are honoured to help TI SENTO – Milano with their exciting journey into China”, says Bei Wang, Chairman of Five Degrees. She emphasises that Chinese consumers are extremely digitally savvy and over the years have become more sophisticated.

“With China’s distinctive digital ecosystem, it is crucial to truly understand your target groups and to have a strong and specific customer activation strategy and plan in place.”

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