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Research, Sustainability, Originality: MICAM Milano 94 presents 12 new EMERGING DESIGNERS

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Image: Felipe Fiallo

At MICAM Milano, the international footwear fair, an area that never fails to impress visitors is that of the Emerging Designers: a space realized in collaboration with Honegger, an agency with over 50 years of activity in trade fair marketing.

12 young stylists, ambassadors of innovation and creativity, were selected from a plethora of talented contestants by Micam and a panel of fashion and communication experts. This year the judges included: Ernesto Esposito (Head of the panel), Tiziana Fausti (President of Tiziana Fausti and 10 Corso Como), Cori Amenta (Fashion Stylist), Alessandro Maria Ferreri (Luxury Fashion Advisor), Giuseppe Ceccarelli (Art Director and Fashion Editor) and Karel Losenicky (Fashion Photographer).

The 12 Emerging Designers will therefore have their own important role to play at MICAM Milano 94, which is due to take place from 18 to 20 September at the Fiera Milano, where they will exhibit their creations in the area dedicated to emerging trends and talents.

Their interest in all aspects of sustainability, their incessant search for new materials and shapes, added to the experience gained in the field, often with big brands, make these young people "a rare commodity" on the footwear fashion scene; and so, at MICAM, manufacturers and dealers are offered a unique opportunity to meet emerging talents from all over the world, each with their own individual curriculum and story. After gaining vital experience working with major fashion houses, MICAM’s emerging designers found the strength and tenacity to pursue their own dreams, creating new collections that are often inspired by their own life experiences, or by a stylistic culture of which they are the proponents. What emerges is a multifaceted and stimulating lineup for those seeking the very best up-and-coming talents.

Image: Juan Giménez

The young designers selected to exhibit in the Emerging Designer space of MICAM Milano 94 are: Scylia Chevaux (with her 10.2 brand), Mario Pini (with the AHDIID brand), Sergio Silva (with the EHONTE brand), Felipe Fiallo (with the FELIPE FIALLO brand), Dong Seon Lee and Giuliana Borzillo (with the ID-EIGHT brand), Salone Monet (with the SALONE MONET brand), Juan Giménez (with the SELVA brand), Akudo Iheakanwa (with the SHEKUDO brand), Elodie Verdan (with the SHOE SHOE brand), Sophie Pantet (with her SOPHIE BENEL PARIS brand), Manuela Esposito (with her SUCETTE brand), Victoria André (with her VANDRELAAR brand).

10.2 - Scylia Chevaux - “Black Paris”

Over a period of more than 10 years, Scylia has worked as a designer and consultant for numerous brands in France, UK, Italy… She followed specialist courses at prestigious schools in Great Britain and Italy, has received numerous prizes and has worked as a designer at Louis Vuitton for almost three years. 10.2 is her own personal project -one that in France is already having great success.

AHDIID - Mario Pini - “Beyond Fashion”

A dynamic, creative designer capable of moving skilfully between designers, artisans and footwear manufacturers, Mario is a consultant to numerous brands. He created the AHDIID brand inspired by the phrase “I did” pronounced by the Americans, adding on an “h” to indicate a look without a precise identity. The brand combines the comfort of Vibram with the style of AHDIID.


EHONTE - Sergio Silva - “Dark Geometric”

Inspired by his mother who, before going to work, always put on her shoes last, as the final gesture before facing the world, Sergio soon became interested in footwear. After emigrating to the United States, he continued to believe in his dream. His collection is inspired by the Bauhaus in which form follows function. It is a "democratic" collection that takes its cue from art and history, from the opinions of consumers as well as those of artisans. His brand uses independent Brazilian craftsmen and leathers made according to the highest standards of sustainability.

FELIPE FIALLO - Felipe Fiallo “The Future Today”

Born in Ecuador, in 2007 Felipe graduated with top marks in industrial design in Chile and found work immediately with leading companies. After a number of successes as a designer, he came to Italy where he was able to study and further develop his affinity for fashion designand luxury accessories. Specialising in digital design, his expertise has won him widespread recognition, and in 2022 the young award- winning designer created his first collection of NFT sneakers in the Metaverse.

ID-EIGHT - Dong Seon Lee / Giuliana Borzillo “Tea For Two”

Although both designers already had successful careers in their own countries – Dong in Korea and Germany, Giuliana in Italy – when they got engaged, they decided to join up professionally as well, founding the ID-EIGHT brand. The company is particularly attentive to waste and uses scrap material for the entire shoe collection. Apple peel, pineapple leaves, recycled cotton and polyester are some of the materials that are used in the productive cycle of this brilliant footwear collection.

SALONE MONET – Salone Monet “We Are The World”

After graduating in Washington, DC, Salone worked as a salesperson in a shoe shop while at the same time holding down a political PR job with the federal government. Subsequently she decided to enroll in a shoemaking school in Brooklyn with the aim of promoting racial equality in the sector. Her eponymous brand, based on the decision to produce “nude” shoes in various skin tones, has won her several awards and her shoes have adorned the feet of Beyonce Knowles, Gabrielle Union, Keke Palmer and many others.

Image: Salone Monet

SELVA - Juan Giménez - “Pop Chic”

Juan had various different jobs before settling down to concentrate on his passion for footwear. After graduating in English Philology, he worked for some important companies in Spain before moving to Canada. He attended a shoe design school in Milan where he gained specialist knowledge of the sector before launching his first collection in 2019.

SHEKUDO - Akudo Iheakanwa - “Eco Eco”

Founded in Australia, the Shekudo brand is run exclusively by its creative director, Akudo, who after deciding to concentrate on footwear and accessories, relocated production to Lagos, in Nigeria. As a result, the brand today is particularly attentive to local production and has made local craftsmanship and materials an integral part of its contemporary aesthetic.

Shekudo is committed to sourcing the majority of its raw materials locally.

SHOE SHOE - Elodie Verdan - “Blow Up”

Immediately after graduating in Fashion Design in Geneva, Elodie was hired by a world-famous brand for whom she worked for seven years in the knitwear sector. In 2019 she decided the time had come to make a career change and follow her true passion: designing footwear. After working for a while with some top footwear brands in order to acquire the necessary technical know-how, Elodie achieved her dream of creating a sustainable collection more in keeping with her own ethical and environmental values. And so Shoe. Shoe came into being, a footwear brand that does not compromise on either design, comfort, quality or price.

SOPHIE BENEL PARIS - Sophie Pantet “Stiletto My Love”

SOPHIE BENEL is a French brand, 100% made in Italy, unashamedly feminine and with a touch of creativity firmly rooted in an easy-chic style. The SOPHIE BENEL collections are made totally in Italy’s Marche region, the global epicentre for footwear, from sourcing raw materials to assembly.

SUCETTE - Manuela Esposito “Up Up And Away”

Manuela, an enterprising young fashion and design student from Naples taking her first steps in the creative industry, presents an authentically fresh young line at MICAM, inspired by the tenets of liberty and inclusion and extending traditional notions of femininity.

VANDRELAAR - Victoria André “Bal A Versailles”

Victoria Andre is a footwear designer and developer from London. After working in the footwear industry for seven years, she created her own line of women’s footwear, Vandrelaar, a collection with unique characteristics combining 3D technology with handcrafting, and assembled in a small factory in Portugal.

After thoroughly researching how to produce authentically sustainable footwear, Victoria created her collections based on the use of recycled and bio materials, consciously selected with the purpose of reducing environmental impact.

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