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080 Barcelona Fashion: Fashion and architecture at La Pedrera

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From 26 to 29 of April, 080 Barcelona Fashion celebrates its 27th edition in digital format and in one of the most charismatic settings of Gaudi’s work, Modernism and Barcelona. The event, which is promoted by the Catalonian regional government, will show the collections of 22 designers and brands which the audience can follow for the first time on 080 TV

The Fashion Show Films, in true cinematic style, present the collections from different spaces at the Casa Milà - La Pedrera, both in outdoor locations, - the patio and the terrace-, and indoor,-the attics, the Gaudí Room or the period apartment-. At the creative level, the production of Fashion Show Films has opted for naturalism, avoiding digitalised effects and thus highlighting the beauty of the space designed by Antonio Gaudí.

Besides the presentations, from this virtual front row you can access fashion content such as Designers Talks, that are broadcast before the presentations, where we can learn about the process of conceptualisation and materialisation of the collections and the designer's sources of inspiration.

In addition, the section Behind the scenes offers the audience unique access to 080 Barcelona Fashion spaces, such as backstage which show the public how a fashion presentation is done, from the selection of models to the creation of the hair and make-up styling, the fittings or what actually happens behind the cameras.

Reiterating the claim of past editions, “Undress your mind, 080 Barcelona Fashion continues putting emphasis on diversity in its broadest sense. The current edition also maintains its commitment to technology and the circular economy, in addition to the international promotion of fashion and design made in Catalonia.

This year's edition once again boasts a high-level casting, with models of international projection. Among the most prominent names are Ana Arto, Fernando Lindez, Andrea Gutiérrez, Pablo Fernández, Beatriz Ronda, Óscar Kindelan, Clara Wakonigg, Piero Méndez, Lorena Guitián, Thor Endsjo, Lucía López, Marta Aguilar, Toni Engonga, Mayka Merino, Min Shin, Neus Bermejo, the influencer and model Eduard Torres, Nora Vara, Max Barczak, Nuria Rothschild, Serge Rigvava, Silvia Morales, Greta Varlese, Jade Baya, Johanna Defant, Kremi Otashliyska, Margot Baget, Melanie Engel, Michelle Gutknetch, Milena Litvinovskaya, amongst others.

Sponsors and collaborating firms

The current edition has two sponsoring brands and eight collaborating companies. The sponsors are Kevin Murphy (official hairdresser) and Thuya Professional Line (official manicurists). GHD (official hairdressing tools), M·A·C Cosmetics (official make-up), Garmin (official watch), SVR Cosmetics (official cosmetic), Thuya Formación Profesional (make-up team), Rowenta (ironing and sanitising tools) and Font Vella (official water), and La Roca Village (official shopping destination). The brands restate their support for the 080 Barcelona Fashion project.

080 Barcelona Fashion
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